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Cedarhouse Concerts in Monroe presents Noctumbule – Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor

Event:  24-Jun-2017

Saturday, June 24  7:00-9:00PM - Optional potluck at 6:00PM

Noctumbule – Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor – Original and Traditional, harmonized poetry songs, lots of humor.  This incredible duo  make some of the most beautiful acoustic music you will ever hear. Marla Fibish is one of the foremost Irish mandolin players in the world. They use musical settings of a broad array of poetry that they sing in harmony, original instrumental pieces, and traditional Irish tunes and songs.  You will get to hear an unusual array of strings  — fine guitars in varied tunings, mandola, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, tenor guitar — and their blended voices.

More about their music at www.noctambulemusic.com

Details and reservations at www.LisaLynne.com/cedarhouse-concerts

Bruce Victor and Marla Fibish, Noctumbule