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June 9, Saturday, Wisenheimers with Laurel Thomas calling

Event:  09-Jun-2018

The Wisenheimers began as a 12-person Fleetwood Mac cover band, their early years marked by critical scorn and divisive love affairs. All of that changed, though, with the unexpected success of the band’s second Bulgarian tour. But the Wisenheimers’ popularity proved short-lived, succumbing first to the vicissitudes of the War and then, of course, to the infamous “bagpipes and polenta” incident. Gradually whittled down to a furtive duo, Alan Snyder (fiddle) and Dave Goldman (keyboard) now live in one of the less-popular alleys of Portland, Oregon, reduced to playing for ethnic weddings and even contra dances.

Laurel Thomas started calling contra dances at Portland’s open mike night in 2008. Since then, she has called for regular dances in Oregon & Washington, as well as at Salem’s Camp Westwind. Dancers appreciate her clear teaching, articulate calling, and her ability to choose fun, lively dances that have good flow.
Dance held at Village School, 3411 Willamette Street (site formerly called the old Dunn School) in Eugene! $8-$10

Lesson at 7:00 pm. Dance begins at 7:30 pm.