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Saturday Contra dance! Nettles with Gordy Euler calling

Event:  09-Feb-2019

Laura Brophy on fiddle, Kevin Johnsrude on guitars, Michael Proctor on bass and Brian Bucolo on percussion; The Nettles are well-known on the West Coast for their original approach to contra dance music. Playing traditional music from all over the world, The Nettles create a strong rhythmic groove under soaring improvisations. Rhythmic drive and melodic fluidity allow The Nettles to propel contra dances into the stratosphere.

Gordy Euler has been calling contra dances for ten years up and down the West Coast and has also written some dances. He likes to orient newcomers gently and with humor, teach succinctly, present a program with a variety of dances, and have the dancers dance to the music as much as possible.. As a musician and dancer, Gordy knows all sides of the dance community and has a great instinct on communicating effectively with bands and dancers.

Potluck: 5:30 pm. TBA

Dance held at Village School, 3411 Willamette Street in Eugene! $8-$10, members $6-$10

Lesson at 7:00 pm. Dance begins at 7:30 pm.