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Cultural Ecology




Cultural Ecology brings lots of color to contra dance music on an array of instruments. And talk about color - they’ll slip in some side trips with tunes from around the world! The band hails from Oregon’s south coast and features Stacy Rose (flute, whistle, hammered dulcimer), Sharon Rogers (accordion, kaval), Gail Elber (bouzouki, mandolin), Tom Purvis (flute), Alayne Olmstead (fiddle) and Marty Giles (percussion). Cultural Ecology got its name when Stacy Rose was handing out music to the band members from an old class folder that she'd saved from her college days. It's a good thing she didn't use her Algebra II folder!
Stacy Rose, Sharon Rogers, Gail Elber, Tom Purvis, Alayne Olmstead, Marty Giles