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Eugene Oregon US

Mulligatawny: spicy concoction from Anglo-Indian cooking, involving chicken, fried onions, any interesting vegetables you might have around, maybe some apples, and lots of curry powder. In Mulligatawny's sets, tunes from Scotland bump up against an Appalachian tune or one from the Cree Indian-French blend that is the Meti style from Canada. Ranging from the sweet to a raucous edge, Mulligatawny will keep things lively for the dancers.

Fiddler Linda Danielson recently performed Scottish music at the Southern Oregon Highland Games; her cowgirl band, the Slow Ponies, appeared at the St. Paul, Oregon, Rodeo and at the Coos Bay Music Festival; she appeared with the Annie Rhodes Band (country and bluegrass) at Cottage Grove's Bohemia Days. She's played for English and Scottish country dancing, Irish ceilidhs, and home-grown square dances. She's played a few contra dances, too. Once she played for Scottish country dancers at the Tokyo Highland games. Yeah, really.

Art and Cecily Morris (string bass and piano) were stalwarts in the Juneau, Alaska, contra dance scene, playing for weekly dances, before their move to Oregon in 2011. They appeared at the Alaska Folk Festival with Full Circle and with The Grateful Celtics. Their band, Mad Robin, has delighted dancers at the Seattle Folklife Festival, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland--all over western Oregon. Cecily and Linda have played for English and Scottish country dancers. Art and Cecily's long experience as dancers and dance musicians assures the dancers a great evening.

Kevin Rothaar (mandolin, banjo, and percussion/drums) creates a variety of textures and intensities with his fearless leaps from one instrument to another. Coming from the "School Of Jamatology",  he has a headful and handsful of Motown, reggae, blues and rock 'n' roll, as well as Celtic music. Lately he's been grooving on tunes from the Roaring Twenties with his ukulele, playing for his classes of school kids. Or he might be found drumming behind a blues band in the local party scene. He and Linda used to be in a Celtic band, Tom's Kitchen.

Linda Danielson, Art Morris, Cecily Morris, Kevin Rothaar