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How You Can Get Involved

The Eugene Folklore Society is operated entirely by volunteers. We could not function without our amazing and gracious volunteers. A big thanks to our members that have stepped up to the plate to keep EFS active and successful. Please consider joining our volunteers by contributing your time and talents as a EFS volunteer too!

We couldn’t do it without you and your help does make a difference!

Most-Needed Volunteer Positions

Be a Dance Opener and get into that evening's dance for free! 

We’re looking for some folks to arrive early to help set up, open and staff our admissions and information tables at regular dances at Dunn School. You'll still have plenty of time to dance and dance openers for that evening get into the dance for free! We’re hoping that you check out your schedule and see what date would work for you to help open the dance.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

The Eugene Folklore Society is entirely a volunteer organization. Here's a few ways you can contribute...
    Help the dance managers by setting up chairs, tables and and signs before the dance
    Host a potluck before the dance
    Act as a greeter at dances, especially to welcome new dancers
    Help stack chairs and clean up after the dance
    Keep our social media and website information up to date
    Host a song circle
    Host out-of-town callers and band members
    Contribute your artistic talents
    Help to make our dance camps terrific 
    Join the Eugene Folklore Society Board of Directors 

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Dance Openers
Dance Closers
Dance Host Support
Dance Table Sitters
Carpool Coordinator (to Corvallis)
Snacks Coordinator
Song Circle Host
Social Media Helper
Join Dance Committee
Help organize a dance at the UO for the student community