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→  Saturday Contra dance! Euphemists with Tarka Ayres calling


The Euphemists are not your ordinary contra dance band. Yes, they have fiddle and piano (provided by..

→  Thursday Contra dance! Wild Asparagus with George Marshall calling


Wild Asparagus is a five-person band from Western Massachusetts. Drawing upon music from New England..

→  Saturday Contra dance! Stepwise with Karen Olsen calling


Karen Olsen has been calling on the Oregon Coast for 16 years. She likes to keep the dancers moving,..

→  Saturday Contra dance! Bridgetown Boys with Woody Lane calling


The Bridgetown Boys includes Victor Fiore (fiddle), Lanny Martin (piano) and Jon Neff (guitar) from ..

→  Want to know more about what contra dancing is like?


Contra Dancing is FUN and easy to learn! Folks of all ages and dancing ability can dance contra..

Contra Dances



EFS hosts contradances on the second and fourth Saturdays, September through June.

Dances start with a teaching session at 7:00. 

Main dance from 7:30 to 10:30.

Potlucks 5:30 prior to dances.  Contact the Potluck Coordinator for more info.

Village School Gym
3411 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97405


Parking | Detailed Directions To Dunn School

Water is available.  Bring a water bottle to fill up.

Please bring soft soled shoes that won't mark the floor.

ADMISSION Sliding Scale

All dances are open to the public. No partner or experience needed, and families are welcome!

  • $6-10  for EFS members  (Join EFS)
  • $6-10  for CFS members  (courtesy discount)
  • $8-10  general admission

Arrive by 7:00 PM and get $1 off admission.

Students with ID receive additional $1 off.

Special offer for folks new to contra dancing:

First time dancers can get a coupon for free admission to their next dance. When you turn in your coupon, you can receive a 50% off coupon for your next dance!


Potluck dinners usually held at 5:30 PM prior to most dances.  Check the EFS Dance Calendar or get in touch with the Potluck Coordinator for more info.


Dancers often gather informally after EFS dances at McMenamin's East 19th Street Cafe.


Check out the carpool forum for rideshares.


[Corvallis Contra Dance Calendar]

CFS contra dance evenings in Corvallis are on the first and third Saturday of the month except in July and August. There are occasional special dances too.

First Congregational United Church of Christ--Corvallis
4515 Sw West Hills Rd, Corvallis, OR (map). From Corvallis, take Western until you pass the stadium. A couple more blocks and West Hills Road forks off to the right. Church parking is in back.

Corvallis Folklore Society

Please check the Calendar of Contra dances for individual dance details.

  • Our dances always have a caller and live music, usually a band with 3 or 4 members who play a lively mix of instruments that might include fiddle, guitar, mandolin, piano, banjo, (bag) pipes or pretty much anything
  • We begin with a “newcomer’s session” at 7:30 pm
  • The “main” dance is from 8 pm to 11 pm with an intermission
  • Newcomers are welcome
  • We draw dancers from every age and ability from teens to retirees
  • Every dance starts with a “walk through” to teach the dance sequence, and is called during the dance
  • Regular price is $7.00 at the door. CFS members get a $1 discount. (Courtesy discount for EFS members.) There are occasional “special” dances with “special” prices
  • We suggest that dancers wear “cool, comfortable, casual clothes”. “Swirly” skirts are common, as are shorts (contra is aerobic!)
  • We suggest flat shoes with clean soft soles. Tennis or gym shoes are fine.
  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances, perfumes, and colognes. Some of our dancers have chemical sensitivities


Quite often, a CFS member will host a potluck before the evening dance. Often, several dancers will get together at a local bar or restaurant after the dance to talk and wind down.

For more information, contact Frank or Karen at (541) 745-1002 or Contras @ CorallisFolklore.org



Check the carpool list for rideshares.